We are not Doug


You might be wondering who we are.


We are a group of volunteers who live in Ontario.

We are self-funded using our own, personal funds.

We do not accept funds from any corporation, business, political group, or lobby group.

We are not aligned with any political party.

We are also not a secret society.

Anyone can join us, including you.

Reach us at: help@notdoug.com or subscribe to our mailing list below.

Are you a registered third party?

No, not at this time. However, we have been diligently keeping records, and if our spending exceeds the allowance, we will take further action.


We are a simple group with a simple goal: we don't want Doug to be our next Premier.


Are we the Liberal elite?

No, far from it. Some of us have even supported the PCs in the past.

Technology makes it easy to build cheap campaigns that looks polished in no time at all. Some design skills and a printer help too. Reddit user sir_sri pretty much hits the nail on the head in the post below.