We've realized it's not enough to simply be against Doug.

We now know who has the best chance of beating Doug, and it's the NDP.


In line with our goal since the beginning — to prevent a destructive Doug Ford government — and in light of recent research and polling, we have determined that the best course of action is to endorse the Ontario NDP.

Research done using advanced AI analytics, as well as recent polls, show the NDP have the best chance of beating Doug.

Advanced Symbolics, an Ontario-based research firm which accurately predicted the outcomes of Brexit and the last US election, show the NDP and Doug nearly tied, even two weeks before the election. They say it's too close to call.


This provincial election will be determined by the outcomes of a mere 14 undecided ridings.

Choosing the NDP this June 7 is the strategic vote.

Doug isn't in it for the people — that's a wholesale lie. As a councillor in Toronto, Doug voted against bridges, necessary sewage treatment upgrades, transit expansion, and even wanted to sell off affordable housing. As Premiere, his biggest tax cuts will be for the wealthiest, while public servants and public services will wither away. So much for helping the little guy.

We remain completely independent and wholly self-funded.