Not Doug

There are many reasons why Doug is a bad choice for premier.

Here are some of them.



Doug's minimum wage plan will cost more and help less.

Doug's plan to eliminate income tax for minimum wage earners will actually earn them $1889 less per year than if the province stuck to the $15 minimum wage. And the plan will cost the province $500M in lost revenue.




Doug doesn't respect civil servants. Or know how to read.

A vast majority of the 131,741 listed names in Ontario's sunshine list includes police, doctors, professors, teachers, firefighters, scientists, nurses... These are the people Doug calls the "liberal elite".

Doug's Tweet / Sunshine List


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Doug's fiscal promises are impossible without deep job cuts.

In order to balance the budget like he claims, Doug will have to either increase taxes or cut jobs and services. Since he won't raise taxes, he'll have no choice but to make cuts — $25 billion worth over three years. Healthcare, public sector jobs, OSAP... it's all at risk.

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Not even Doug knows where he stands.

"I'm proud that I'm a social conservative" -  Doug, February 27

"I wouldn't consider myself a social conservative, I just don't" - Doug, March 13

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"My heart goes out to kids with autism. But no one told me they’d be leaving the house," - Doug

In response to a shelter for autistic children being built near his home, Doug said that it "ruined the community."




Doug is against access to abortion.

Doug will allow members of his caucus to table legislation restricting access to abortion, even intervening on patient-doctor confidentiality.




Doug is against  protections for women.

Every member of the Progressive Conservative caucus, the Liberals, and the NDP supported Bill 163, which makes it illegal to harass women at abortion clinics. Doug comes out against it.




Doug literally buys votes. They're worth $20.

Doug was filmed hanging out around a public housing complex, handing out $20 bills to constituents.


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Doug really hates doing his job.

While a city councillor, Doug missed 53% of council votes. Try keeping a job with that attendance record.




Doug rails against elites, despite being one.

He's a multimillionaire, drives a luxury SUV, and owns property in Florida — all while calling John Tory a "downtown elite."




Doug doesn't know what racism is.

During an interview, a constituent said the Fords are “corrupt, lying, racist, homophobes.” Doug responded later by saying the man had used “racial slurs” against him, further explaining on live radio that “you can be racist against people who have a drinking problem.” That's not racism.




Doug is tough on crime — when he's not dealing drugs.

While Rob struggled with addiction, Doug dealt hash to low level dealers under the pseudonym "RY Drifters".


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Doug leverages mistrust of the press.

Doug refers to the media as a "bunch of liars" and "vultures" that "want blood," eroding trust in the press. Freedom of the press, including their ability to criticize, is a pillar of our democracy. Sound familiar?




Doug is a homophobe.

Doug's supporters accosted a protester with a rainbow flag at an event organized by the Ford family. Doug's response? "You can’t show up to a Yankees game with a Red Sox hat on."


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This isn't about the Progressive Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, or Green Party. It's about preventing incompetent, unqualified individuals from taking power just because they're the loudest ones in the room. A Doug Ford government would be a disaster for Ontario.